Fill in the form below for up to 4 items.  If you need more, you can submit more than one form.  After you fill in teh form and submit it, click the "Donate" button and pay the correct amount to Pay Pal.  You will have to calculate the correct amount by adding up the price for the items you want.  The amount must be correct.


1.  Locate the item you want from the catalogue shown above.

2.  Determine the size and type you want and verify that it is available by reading the description below the picture carefully.

3.  Fill in the form below for each item.  If you need more than 4 items, you can submit several forms by reloading the page.

4.  Once the form is filled out, fill in teh security word and click the submit button.

5.  You should get a message saying the form was submitted.  Once you see that, click the "Donate" button.

6.  This will open the Pay Pal screen.  Calculate the full amount of the order (if you subitted several forms, you only need to pay once for the entire amount).  When calculating the amount, you will NEED to ADD 3% if you plan on paying Pay Pal with a CREDIT CARD.  Please double check the amount.  If the amount is wrong, it will delay the order.

7.  Fill in the amount and the description.  Put the athletes name in the description so we can tie the forms together with the payment.

8.  Once the amount and description is complete, log into Pay Pal to complete the transaction.

Keep in mind that Striders does not make any profit on these items, this is simply an easy way for us to collect the uniform money without having to handle cash.

If you are having problems with the web page please contact Jeff Mescal at:

If you have any other questions regarding the uniforms or the process, please contact Beth Boyer at:

Youth Strider Wear Order Form

Which County are you in?

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